Wholesale Silver CZ Jewellery

Being the biggest manufacturer of silver jewellery and a professional jewellery exporters, we are usually very simple and straightforward. Sterling silver jewellery should bear the mark the proper material as this will indicate it is made from metals with a good percentage of silver content.

Some buyers seek to purchase Wholesale Silver cz Jewellery as it's price is quite less from others and also you can buy based on its types, designs and weight. This is one way to buy silver jewellery at the bottom of the market but it does not work so well when you are trying to value higher quality jewellery with superior settings and finishing. Also be aware that many silver jewellery designs are often unnecessarily heavy which will only push the price in an upward direction.

Many will agree that simple silver rings are one of the best selling items followed by dangling type hook earrings. But when you are going to buy rings then you surely need to understand which sizes are the most popular ones.

Cubic Zirconia Jewellery or CZ as it is sometimes called is also a fast seller especially Clear and Black Stones. These silver cz is available in many different grades so buyers should check with vendors to find out which grade is really being offered.

There are many jewellery trade show and many silver jewellery manufacturers available in the market today. However, most large suppliers will insist on orders of a huge number of pieces per design and also some offers single piece. Therefore for independent retailers and small traders it will be important to find a wholesale supplier that does not insist on a minimum order. It is also important to see if any potential supplier will offer you a money back guarantee if you are not pleased with what you have ordered.

For shipping, most suppliers will offer different delivery methods including registered airmail, Express Mail and by couriers such as UPS. Delivery times will vary according to delivery system used. Some also provide door to door service as they will deal with any customs procedures.

Here are the most important things to bear in mind if you are considering buying Wholesale Silver CZ Jewellery.

Does the supplier insist on a minimum order quantity? This will be important if you want to firstly place a test order. Does the supplier offer a reasonably large selection of the latest designs? Do they offer unique items that might not be so available elsewhere? Does the supplier offer a professional export service? What shipping options can they provide? Can they speak your language? This will be very important if you have any problems to resolve. Does the supplier offer a meaningful guarantee?

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